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Canada Goose Gallery...Waynesville, Ohio

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Stitch a Memory....

Remember, hand crafted gifts are the best gifts and make familyheirlooms.


Be the one in your family remembered for the most unique gifts! 

Plan ahead and cross stitch a memory! 





                               1990                                                  1991  

                  Amish Girl With Tree                                         Amish boy With Dove 

       Ornament Pattern Kit $18.50                           Ornament Pattern Kit $18.50




                                1994 Christmas Angel                             1993 Christmas Angel

                               Ornament Pattern Kit  $21.00                 Ornament Pattern Kit  $18.50




                                               1996                                                                 1995

                                          Christmas Carol                                                Kris Kringle

                                 Ornament Pattern Kit  $21.00                            Ornament Pattern Kit  $21.00         





                                     2000                                                                             1998

                    Christmas Girl with Teddy                                                               Madonna

                 Ornament Pattern Kit  $17.00                                         Ornament Pattern Kit  $17.00





                            Christmas Stocking                                       2002  Cape Hatteras

                        Leaflet/Pattern  $8.50                                     Ornament Pattern Kit  $17.00             



                Friendship, Love & Loyalty                      Dad's Loving Arms                             Baby Boy & Baby Girl

                     Leaflet/Pattern  $20                              Leaflet/Pattern  $8.50                    Leaflet/Pattern  $12.50




                         Graduation Girl                               Graduation Boy                                     The Engagement

                    Leaflet/Pattern  $8.50                       Leaflet/Pattern $8.50                                Leaflet/Pattern $35.00




                   Together In The Park                          Heavenly Grace                                 My LIttle Star

                     Leaflet/Pattern  $35                      Leaflet/Pattern $12.50                      Leaflet/Pattern $8.50



          These Photos added shortly.


                    Summer Love                                          The Newborn                                        The Parade 

                  Leaflet/Pattern $20                             Leaflet/Pattern  $25                        Leaflet/Pattern  $45




                           Best Friends                                              Loving Stitches                               Solitary Skater                                        

                   Leaflet/Pattern  $35                            Leaflet/Pattern  $25                        Leaflet/Pattern  $45



                          Tarry Not 

                  Leaflet/Pattern  $45